Derby Club House Armaf for men 100ml


  • Brand: ARMAF
  • Gender: Men
  • Quantity: 100 ml
  • Fragrance Classification: Eau de Toilette



  • Top notes: Lavender and bergamot.
  • Middle notes: Blackwood, cedar, patchouli and spicy notes.
  • Base notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean and white amber.
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Derby Club House OG is a spicy aromatic for men. This is a fragrance that really seeks to take you back to the Varsity Football era circa 1940. This is like something the captain of the football team would have worn back then. It’s dark and musky, warm and loud, spicy and commanding. Aggressive, mature, and suggestively of high sport (in that time).

When you want to feel like a man and smell like a man, spray Armaf Derby Club House. As the name suggests, this is a rough and robust scent that has an overall woody scent. The top notes of bergamot and lavender pair well with the darker, deeper middle notes of cedar and black wood. The scent consists of amber and vanilla. This combination results in a deep, dark, smoky scent that works great in winter or anytime you just want that masculine scent.

Armaf is a brand sold by Sterling Parfums. This brand is designed to be creative and unique. The goal is for the scents to be luxurious and fun without being overbearing or on your face.



From its quest to be the best in perfume packaging, Armaf has set its goals higher by striving to be the best in creating new and original fragrances. A good perfume is capable of evoking good memories and making people happy, and ARMAF aims to achieve this while maintaining a realistic price for all of its products.Armaf was not initially a perfume manufacturer. He started out as a manufacturer of high quality perfume bottles for designer perfume brands in the Middle East.After that, Armaf decided to take his game to the next level and began to create fragrances for some designer brands and at the same time lay the foundation for their future success.After some time in the manufacture of perfumes for designer brands, Armaf realized that it was time to stand out as his own brand and make a name for himself in the perfume market.Thus, the brand known today as Armaf was born.The main focus of Armaf was the South African market. Using their in-depth knowledge of fragrances and how they interact with human skin, Armaf has created a sweet, high-quality scent that blends well with the South African climate and people's skin chemistry.Soon Armaf fragrances became popular in the South African market, and the success achieved with them allowed Armaf to focus on different regions, this time presenting itself in India. The growing population has enabled Armaf to improve its success and stability as a manufacturer of quality fragrances, and Armaf has quickly gained recognition in more than 20 countries for its wide variety of new and refreshing fragrances.By changing the focus and ingredients to better adapt to the climate and market environment, Armaf has been producing new fragrances for over a decade now, and its history is one of success through passion and adaptation. to meet customers' requirements.


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