Nautica is an American clothing and home furnishings brand founded by designer David Chu in 1983. From a group of men’s clothing to women’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, housewares and furniture, the brand has evolved into an American lifestyle brand that embodies the essence of the adventurous and athletic American lifestyle.

Nautica takes its name from the Latin word Nauticus, which means “ship”. The company’s distinctive logo includes a spiked sail, a type of light sail specially designed to sail out of the wind on a downwind path. Many of the company’s products feature nautical or outdoor ornaments, with stripes, contoured names, and frequent use of blue. Nautica’s advertising campaigns are often filmed on boats, ships or by the sea.

Nautica was sold in 1984 to the State-O-Main clothing company of New York, which later adopted Nautica as the name of the company. In 2003, VF Corporation, an American clothing company specializing in designer clothing, purchased Nautica.