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6 Things to Know before Buying a New Perfume

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  1. What it really means when someone says the smell is “very strong”

Have you ever wondered why certain sents take you to the time when you were getting ready for your teenage parties or even back to when you were cuddling in your grandma’s lap?

This is because the quality of smell is based on everyone’s life experiences, thus whatever scent you want or hate comes from forming positive or negative associations.

When an advisor and salesperson comes to see you in the store and asks you what kind of perfume you are looking for; Have you heard yourself say “I don’t want anything very strong”?

When people say this they often mean: “I don’t want perfume I don’t like the smell of” Because since when was your favorite smell still very strong ?!

  1. Great perfumes are never cheap, natural ingredients cost a lot.

Have it erer happened that you like the smell of some scent, like of jasmine but you think it’s overly sweet? The quality of perfumes does not come cheap.

Natural ingredients like flowers, herbs, spices, fruits, wood, roots, resins, papers, papers, gums, charcoal and animals – as well as resources such as alcohol, petrochemicals and charcoals are used in the manufacture of perfumes.

Imagine only how many flowers have to be selected individually by hand. Yasmin, for example, only needs five million flowers to make a kilo of scent oil, and therefore the cost of perfumes.

  1. Choose a scent that suits your lifestyle

If you find yourself sleeping at the office, avoid the sweet scents like rosey as they make you sleepy; Try to find something stimulating like a scent with a black pepper note to make you feel more alert! Likewise, use Vanilla for dating your girl as it is an extremely popular scent in men’s cologne for that reason.

  1. Remember that the smell will emit a different smell on your body.

When the testing the perfume and its odor, use white paper sheets around the store. Sprinkle perfume on the feast of these papers to give you a flavor for what you might be looking for.

Imagine those scent testing papers as hangers while shopping for a new dress; you can tell if you like the form, but just know if it’s right for you when you try it.

The scent can be smelled completely different from one person to another; The smell changes due to the reaction that occurs on the natural bacteria in our skin.

Also, don’t be mistaken by the myth that you should smell coffee between trying others, as they won’t help you clean your nose. The perfume is not what tires your nose, it is the alcohol it contains! Alcohol gives the impact of drugs so the only thing that needs to be “awake” as the weather.

  1. Can’t decide between COLOGNE, TOILETTE, or EAU DE PARFUM?

EDP ​​has more intense and durable qualities; You can spray at 8 in the morning, you will have 50% of you in the evening but will be intense as well for hours, sometimes undesired.

However, EDT (also translated as “refreshing water”) mainly comes from the Top notes and contains less perfume oil and more water and alcohol, resulting in freshness and moderate intensity to the scent. It will be smelled moderately strong at first, but by the noon 50% of it is gone and become light.

While in COLOGNE the oil concentration is around 2 to 4 percent, making it lihter fom the beginning of spray. But you will have to apply it many times to keep it on the body.

  1. Consider where to spray the perfume

Once you’ve found your ideal scent, try applying them to clothes where there is maximum movement, such as hemming your dress. With the movement it feels stronger, whether it’s your wrist or your core. And in those spray on your pulse points. Your pulse points, exist in the wrists, inner elbows, in the abdominal button and behind the ear pods and knees, where your veins are closest to your skin, so you can (literally) feel your pulse.

  • Extra Tip

To keep your scent at its best, keep away from heat and sun like your bedroom or bathroom. You don’t want to waste expensive scent now, do you?

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